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In this instance size is not an exact science , but it does matter and it is possibly the biggest challenge for online shopping 

 Those who have tried on the 'linen rain collection by winnie magee' in real life are streets ahead,especially if you are an existing customer (size label on the back neck)  or if you managed to retain the sizer leaflet with the relevant boxes ticked handed to everyone who has gone through the sizing process either in house or on the show circuit.

 Failing that we are happy to send out sizer coats and colour swatches without obligation on a ' we foot the postage out and you foot the postage back' basis. If you decide to keep the sizer, the postage you would have paid returning it is deducted from the price of the coat. Please note all prices quoted on the site include postage in the UK. 

rule of thumb approx sizes as follows

D = Dainty (size 8)
P = Petite size 10
XS = extra small (size 12)
S = small (size14)
M = medium (size 16)
L = large (size 18)
XL = extra large (size 20)

Most people can carry a couple of sizes due to the unstructured nature of the styles
Your size will be the same for LWC SWC and SHC
The HFC (high fitted coat) on the other hand is less forgiving due to the tailored nature of the coat
Your HFC size tends to be one size bigger than the other styles
The childs coats tend to be easier to size as the roll up sleeve allows flexibility for growth

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